Astronomy Wing

The Astro Club is a special venture for astronomical popularization and basic sciences. Started on July 22nd, 2009 in a school named St.joseph’s, at Birsinghpur Pali, Distt.- Umaria, M.P. is now a family of 320 members, formed and run exclusively by the students, inculcating a scientific temperament in the youngsters.

The celestial bodies had always been objects of anxiety in the minds of the people through olden days. Fortunes & evils were widely associated with the appearance of these bodies in the sky; some of which were looked at with fear that their shadows cause disasters. The emergence of scientific information has enabled people to understand their origin & structure and thus come out of the feeling of trepidation about them. We study them under Astronomy, which is considered to be the mother of all science streams.

Astronomy is not only a constructive hobby for the children but also a pathway to bright future for youngsters aspiring for a challenging career in space technology. In a scenario where the traditional educational streams have reached saturation, it becomes almost mandatory for all to think of new fields wherein children can find good prospects for their career as well.

In this very special initiative of Astronomical awareness, we conduct several activities, which broaden the outlook of people through scientific and authentic information about celestial objects. Our main objective is to eradicate superstitions and myths from the society and introducing space science as a career.

We look for cooperation from the students, teachers, school and college authorities and parents for bringing our small effort to a great success.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you want us to organize sky viewing events for you, or if you want to affiliate your own club to the CGVS's Astronomy Wing